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A Banking Solution

For Families.

For Financial Institutions.

Backed by Science.

Zogo is a white-label mobile banking application for financial institutions and for parents and teens. Parents set up an allowance for their teens, who need to complete educational modules in the app to receive a full allowance. Applying the latest behavioral economic research developed at Duke, we are fundamentally changing how teenagers learn about personal finance and interact with your financial institution.

An Education Tool

Unlike Any Education Tool.

Today’s financial education is boring. By embedding behavioral principles and teaching moments in teenagers’ daily interaction with money, we make financial education meaningful and engaging.


Founded by teens.

Developed with parents.

Located at Duke University.

Zogo is founded by Duke undergraduate students majoring in Economics and Computer Science who want to change teenagers’ bad financial habits. Today, Zogo has a diverse team of top professionals taking it to the next level.



Bolun Li is a Sophomore undergrad at Duke University majoring in Economics. At the age of 14, he took a risk and moved across the world from Beijing to the U.S all by himself. At the age of 17, he co-founded a successful hedge fund algorithm company. He was awarded AACYF 30 under 30 as a top entrepreneur in the U.S.

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Simran Singh is a Junior at Duke University majoring in computer science. He has helped create machine learning solutions with a South African startup and developed web applications for the Duke University Cancer Institute. Simran is building Zogo’s engineering with extreme focus on security, flexibility, and reliability.

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Product Manager.

Jeff Lindsey began his career at Nortel as a software engineer, before catching the startup bug. Since 2000, he has been involved in the Durham, NC startup ecosystem with companies such as OpenSite, Motricity, Albright&Digital, etc. Jeff initially learned about Zogo from his 13 year old son who is a student at Durham Academy, a school participating in Zogo’s pilot program. His mission is to use his product management skills to create a healthier financial future for his son and for many other teenagers.

Chief Architect.

Steve Buttitta started a successful healthcare consulting company focusing on data needs of large healthcare organizations 15 years ago. His company services hospital systems by helping them seamlessly integrate complex systems. Additionally, Byte Sized Solutions manages financial data flow and business intelligence. Steve brings proven implementation methodologies and experience to the team and directs implementation of industry standard best practices and security. 


IOS Engineer.

Brett Martin is a Penn State graduate and has been an iPhone developer for over 10 years. He has worked with both small startups and multimillion-dollar organizations developing award winning apps for personal finance, health care, nutrition, and the beverage industry.

Zogo is an amazing program that parents need to get their children involved in.

 Teenage Finance.

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