We pay kids to learn financial literacy.

Credit Unions & Banks sponsor Zogo to spread financial education in their community and engage GenZ.


Zogo is a financial education app for teens.

Backed by Behavioral Science at Duke University.

Branded by Financial Institutions.


Complete Modules

(300+ Bite-sized modules)


Earn Points


Redeem Rewards

Zogo supports financial institutions in gaining a following among GenZ.

A marketing tool, unlike any marketing tool.


Zogo's unique referral program gives kids the right incentive to share your institution with their friends.

Zogo empowers children to begin their financial journey with your institution.



How financial institutions use Zogo?


Distribute to parents and teens

Through email, social media and digital marketing.

Distribute to schools

Leave behind after seminars.


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Awards & Recognitions

Zogo was selected by 100+ Credit Union leaders to be the winner of the Next Big Idea Competition.


Zogo won “Best of Show” at FinovateFall 2019, voted by 1500+ financial industry experts from 75 international companies.

Zogo Finance demoed at FinovateFall in 2019. Watch the full demo here.

What are financial institutions saying about Zogo:


“The opportunity to partner with Zogo to help provide financial literacy to our members and communities is consistent with our ongoing mission of serving our member’s needs.”

Andrew Burggraf, CEO CommunityWide FCU


“Zogo shares our values and will benefit our members because it presents financial education as an attractive topic to youth by providing physical (money) and long-lasting (education) rewards.”

-Samantha Barnes, Marketing MassMutual FCU


“By putting the Zogo App in the hands of our young members, we can help them get an early start on building a solid foundation for good money management for a lifetime.”

Ray Lancaster, CEO Pyramid Federal Credit Union


"Zogo has figured out how to make financial literacy engaging for teens - we finally have a way to make a real impact on youth in our community."

Melissa Marsal, COO of West Town Bank & Trust


What are parents and teens saying about Zogo:


“Zogo gives you free gift cards for learning financial literacy, if you work hard, you can get a lot from these stores.”

Jack M. (13 yrs old)

“It’s very cool to have access to financial knowledge that wouldn’t be gained without the app, and you are getting rewarded for doing so.”

Mia M. (15 yrs old)

“I love the dialogue and new language in our family since my son has started using Zogo. Coming up with examples to explain terms has been enlightening and fun for us too!”

Dana M. (Parents of a 9 yrs old)


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